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Real estate consulting
40, Rue Madeleine Michelis
 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine
06 70 49 01 17

Member FNAIM (1st professional organization of real estate), guarantee of security (financial security fund, legal services) for our customers sellers and buyers.
We are aware that making an investment case is important and thoughtful.

Our job is to advise you and guide you in your choice.
To do this, in seine interior offers a proposal of real estate (apartments, houses, mansions), for sale or rent, carefully selected to suit your needs.

A strong market knowledge, combined with a genuine desire for cooperation and dialogue, we can prepare a special relationship and personalized.

It is with discretion and efficiency that we offer you our skills and experience acquired over the years.
We pledge to offer the best services, in safety and confidentiality

While you guiding your investments, the agency in seine interior provides all the necessary tools and supports you in all steps following the completion of your transaction (administrative, notary, insurance, financial partners for your loan Information on new legislation brought into compliance, business renovation and decoration ...).
All items on our website are managed by us and updated daily.
Their detailed, accurate is accompanied by a photograph for a better assessment.

The properties are also presented in the press and major newspapers and on sites specializing in real estate.

If you are looking for a specific purchase or lease not on our site, please contact us to initiate our exploration. For the construction of your property, we want to be available and attentive to your wishes. Inner seine, outside agency networks and groups, will address your business independently. We consider each property as a single product, and our real desire is to serve you better. Investing in real estate must go towards the construction of a heritage: yours.


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Votre temps est compté, aussi, pour l’économiser, nous vous proposons dans un premier temps de venir vous rencontrer (lieux de travail, domicile…) et d’évoquer ensemble votre projet.
Rappel de nos engagements
Pour nos clients vendeurs .

  • Estimation gratuite de votre bien .
  • Reportage photos numériques .
  • Publication immédiate sur notre site internet .
  • Diffusion vers les sites spécialisés en immobilier .
  • Parution dans la presse spécialisée (en rapport avec la valeur de votre bien) .
  • Bénéfice d’un fichier d’acquéreurs .
  • Visites ciblées

Pour nos clients acheteurs .

  • Grand choix de biens immobiliers .
  • Recherche particulière si nécessaire .
  • Pré-découverte de votre futur achat sur photos .
  • Aide pour toutes démarches administratives, notariales, recherche de partenaires financiers, recherche de prestataires de services pour votre installation … .
  • Estimation gratuite de votre bien .
  • Garantie d’un suivi personnalisé de toutes les étapes de votre achat, et ce, jusqu’à la finalisation de votre transaction (signature de l’acte authentique).